“In August 2016 my husband and I thought that we would try our luck at achieving the great Australian dream of owning our own house.  As we are a 1.5 income family we weren’t holding our breath, but after seeing Matt Gnech from SB Lending our dream has become a reality. In just a few short weeks we were signing a contract and moving into our first home, all this made possible with the expert advice from Matt. What could have been a very stressful experience was made very easy, with the knowledge and confidence that Matt has with the industry. We certainly wouldn’t hesitate to see Matt again for future possible purchases. Thanks again Matt for making our dream come true.”Kristie
“Once I paid off my mortgage I was unsure of what I could do to set myself up for retirement. SB Wealth was recommended to me and along with SB Lending I now have a share portfolio and savings strategies in place to ensure I have a comfortable retirement.”Julie
“2 years ago a dream I thought impossible came true and other than my husband there is 1 man I thank every day for making this possible!! THE BEST BROKER IN IPSWICH Matt Gnech at SB Lending!!”Paula
“I owned my own home outright and considered purchasing an investment property so contacted Matt at SB Lending to see what my options were. Matt went through my finance options very thoroughly with the result being that I did buy an investment property. Matt helped me through the entire process and was always contactable and ready to answer my queries. I would highly recommend Matt and SB Lending for any financial needs.”Rhonda
“ATTENTION FIRST HOME BUYERS!!! I would highly recommend. Thank you Matt for support and guidance throughout this whole process. I can’t believe we almost gave up on buying a house after a horrible experience with another broker. We decided to give it another go and book an appointment with SB Lending. In a matter of 5 weeks after we met we received the keys to our house. It definitely makes a difference when you find someone that remembers what it is like to buy your first home and doesn’t treat you like just another number. Matt kept us in the loop throughout the whole process and took the time out of his day to meet with me at my work to fill out paperwork and explain the details. We can’t thank you enough.”Tereesa
“Very happy with Matt’s work. Always nice to have someone go above and beyond. Thanks for the great service. Will definitely be recommending SB Lending to all my friends.”Marisa